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Job Summary

As a Project Manager, you have a primary responsibility of defining, planning, tracking and managing all company projects ranging from development to deployment, identifying key resources, and providing the direction required for meeting the project objectives.


Roles and responsibilities


  1. Project planning and management
  1. Manages the day-to-day planning and execution of projects
  2. Provides a bankable work plan for all projects execution and review the same on a regular basis while observing project timelines.
  3. Develop a project charter at the beginning of every project and ensure that the project team adhere to the rules and regulation while keeping all stakeholders informed.
  4. Bi-weekly monitor and evaluates the status of all projects and report progress.
  5. Ensure that all projects have the relevant documentation including test cases, training manuals, system release manuals, data sheets, implementation manuals and system change control manuals.
  6. Establish and publish clear priorities among project activities and develop delivery schedules of clients while managing expectations from all project stakeholder.
  7. Manages development lifecycle and manages technical risks throughout the project to reduce the turnaround time of project lifecycle.


  1. Project Budgeting
  1. Provide cost estimates for all projects and regularly review the same for the planning purpose
  2. Observe budgets on all projects for cost control.


  1. Risk management & Quality Assurance
  1. Manages the Quality aspect in project development and deployment.
  2. Observes quality assurance procedures in accordance with our methodology in line with best practices
  3. Analysing, identifying and mitigating risks in all project areas at all times.
  4. Establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibility for initiating corrective action.
  5. Arbitrate and resolve conflict and interface problems within the project.
  6. Develop and enforce compliance with departmental standard policies and procedures


  1. Project scope control
  1. Observes and defines the scope of work for every project from development to deployment.
  2. Ensure that projects under development are scalable and interoperable to reduce integration time.
  3. Estimate time for development and implementation of projects to allow for opportunity costing.


  1. Business Analysis and design
  1. Analyse business requirements from clients and provide clear guidelines of expectations from the business
  2. Provide a business case in every opportunity while advising the business on technologies of adoption for quick delivery of projects.


  1. Customer Management
  1. Manages day-to-day client interaction and expectations for multiple / all projects.
  2. Anticipates clients needs and proposes alternative business solutions.
  3. Continually seeks and capitalises upon opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships during the implementation period.
  4. Possesses a knowledge base of each client's business, organisation and objectives.


  1. Learning and People Management.
  1. Ensure that all team members understand their roles and every day duties while offering continuous support by developing, coaching/mentoring, rewarding and holding direct reports for assigned responsibilities and results.
  2. Participate in the hiring of implementation engineers and development team.
  3. Creating and inspiring team spirit work environment that models ideal corporate culture set on fundamental values of the organisation.
  4. Work closely with the HR department to oversee day-to-day operations and administration of people management aspects such as leave management, disciplinary and grievance handling, organization of team building activities etc.
  5. Build and maintain a highly motivated and productive team whose vision is in line with the organisation's long term goals.


  1. Process, Procedure and Reports.
  1. On weekly basis, receives analyses, compiles implementation engineers’ site implementation reports, and forwards the compiled report with recommendations to the supervisor for action.
  2. Update management on the progress of the projects giving a breakdown of the accomplished and pending work


  1. Tendering process participation
  1. Participate in tendering process as and when required.




  1. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I.T,BBIT, or BCOM


  1. Possession of relevant Professional certifications in project management.


  1. 4-7 years progressive experience; taking software projects through the entire software life cycle (Requirement analysis, design, implementation, deployment and post deployment support).


  1. Proven track record of being resourceful in fast paced business environment.


  1. Strong presentation and high level reporting skills about projects’ progress.


  1. Innovative approach to assessing and testing new ideas.


  1. Collaborative spirit that desires to understand and serve the customer.



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Emploi Recruitment
Emploi Recruitment

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