Latest Job Opportunity At Mashariki African Film Festival


Latest Job Opportunity At Mashariki African Film Festival 1 Position
Mashariki African Film Festival

Kigali, Rwanda

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Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Trainees Recruitment In Huye and Musanze District at Mashariki African Film Festival

Mashariki African Film Festival (MAAFF) is a Rwandan-based NGO that aims to establish cinema as both a language and a culture. MAAFF organizes annual cultural festival under the same name, and is currently at its 5th Edition. It focuses on bringing African films to African audiences through a week of screenings, capacity building workshops, and Master-classes for filmmakers.

Organization Values

Our core beliefs and values enable us to achieve our vision and mission. Our employees embody the key tenants of the organization culture. All candidates must demonstrate our core values:

Hospitality: To be willing to provide excellent services to the artist and partners, providing high standards deliverables.


Passion: We believe that our passion towards empowerment and arts is what determines our success

Lifelong learning: To be humble, open to feedback and constantly learning.

Fun: We take time to evaluate ourselves, draw lessons from our failures and celebrate together our team achievements

Honesty: We believe that transparency, team work and feedback are facilitated by honesty.

Purpose of the action:

Mashariki African Film Festival in partnership with Goethe Institute is planning to continue empowering film makers with creative and technical skills through “Tumenye Sinema”, a four-year project funded by the European Union Rwanda, covering four districts. This project will create a platform for collective youth action that promotes self-employment and it is planned to reach 400 unemployed youth in need of creative, and practical business skills with an interest of joining the film industry, will increasing civic demand for film and domestic content creation. That is why MAAFF is interested in conducting recruitment of trainees interested in film making and able to study in MUSANZE and HUYE district free of charge.

Why attends this Training?

This course is a great opportunity that fits you. If you have a dream in film making, the below training modules will help you

module a: scriptwriting and directing

module b: sound & editing

module c: cinematography & lighting

module d: production & distribution

module e: entrepreneurship, leadership, & cooperative management

module f: marketing & sales


The trainees must have at least a secondary school certificate, basic reading, writing and spoken English language skill. And must have the age varying between 19-35 years. Female candidates are encouraged to massively apply


Application Instructions

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Mashariki African Film Festival
Mashariki African Film Festival

Kigali, Rwanda

51 - 299 people

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