International Production Manager At New Finest Traders Ltd.


International Production Manager At New Finest Traders Ltd. 1 Position
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Kigali, Rwanda

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Job Description

New finest Traders Ltd

New finest traders Ltd (NFT) has been established company working in packaging with a vision of Triumphing over all layers of Woven Sack users in Rwanda, Great Lake Region, and dig up a Portion for East Africa countries’ sack product.

In this regard, the company's mission is to lead sack producer and marketer of sacks for agro-processing manufactures and other business that need woven sack packaging.

The company operates a plant in Kigali Special Economic Zone and has already developed core competencies in

  • Offering a high quality ,branded product whose image is recognizable among consumers;
  • Creating a sense of community among consumers who purchase the product; and developing a reputation among retailers as a reliable manufacturer and delivering the requested number of product on schedule.

The firm intends to a further extension of the factory machine hence increasing the number of machines in the factory adding to existed ones.

Currently the company is recruiting an experienced professional qualified international staff to fill the position of Production Manager to support the existing team in production to achieving company strategic objectives.

Qualifications of the Successful professional

  • Proven experience of minimum 10 years in the woven sack manufacturing process;
  • Proven creative skills for production and innovative work;
  • Demonstration of knowledge and familiarity with the East, Central and Western Africa processing factory;
  • A proven record of delivering at least two within know factory
  • Having bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Production, Economics engineering bachelor’s in science and/or related field.

Job purpose

The primary role of the production manager for New Finest Traders Ltd is to plan, organize and control production for New finest Traders Ltd to ensure safe, efficient and effective operation and that all products are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to standard. This role reports to chief Operation Officer.

This requires coordination of production, scheduling, health and safety, quality assurance, coaching and development and continuous improvement activities within the process areas.

Responsible for leading the plant in its mission to meet or exceed all of our customers’ expectation while meeting process metrics.

-The production manager complies with policies, regulations and values for safety, quality, environmental and financial stewardship.

-The production Manager receives regular reports on the current production operation and submits weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for the Chief Operation Officer consideration.

-Proposing and working with production software, excel spreadsheets and other reporting application.

-Defines Specific production goals, improve technologies and resolve problem in

Conjunction with New Finest Traders Managers

-Translate customer requirements into state of the sacks manufacturing strategies and processes, resulting in cost-effective processing and profitablemanufacturing of New Finest Traders Products.

-Develop operations-related plans, budget, and policies and procedures

-Drive manufacturing performance by directing all production in the plant, to meet schedules that allow for superior satisfaction and high plant efficiency by establishing and executing operation plans and objective.

  • Working with Tape plant-machine Lohia, Starlinger, Recycles and china machines
  • Weaving Loom 6 Shuttles-,LSL6,Alpha6
  • Cutting machine—Automatic conversion machine, manual sewing machine and stitching machine,
  • Printing machine–Manual&Automatic,(Flexographic)
  • Worked with all type of small bag like Cement bag, agro processing bag, etc…
  • Be able to set Denier -400 to 1600 tape and looms
  • Knowing to control set up of Mesh – 8X8 to 12X12,and so forth
  • Able to detect and set fabric Size -12” to 40” (30 cm to 100 cm)
  • GSM -10 to 150 gram.


-Efficient collaboration and coordination between relevant section including

and production operation sections.

-Determine production human and material resources required

-Manage human and material resources allocated to him to meet production targets

-Production and maintenance staff management, coaching and motivating them

-Train and assess performance of production staffs at the first level by review of their performance and organize necessary interventions for improvement.

-Establish and maintain community exposure

-Lead corrective action and problem solving activities and participate in  continuous improvement activities in production department

-Experience with operational excellence programs and continuous improvement in leadership and contribution roles

-Provide a high level of initiative and independent decision making ability.

Production operations

-Implementation and control of the production schedule

-Review and adjust production schedule where needed

-Drive and champion production risk reduction activities

-Provide plant floor supervision and leadership to ensure compliance with all company quality standards such that

  • Ensure that standard operating,health and safety procedures are adhered to;
  • Monitor quality standard of products of implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet quality objectives;
  • Analyze production and quality control to the detect and correct problems,

-Determine and implement improvements to the production process

-Establish process metrics and develop a system to achieve and maintain performance at targeted production level

-Maintain financial stewardship through the execution of production budget planning and cost control to help meet projected profitability targets and business results;

-Direct process capability and efficiency efforts to reduce overall operating production costs and improve plant production operations.


-Direct supervise the daily maintenance of machine and electricity plan

-Make decision about equipment use, maintenance, modification and procurement, support business and technical aspects of capital project improvements

-Prepare and maintain maintenance report

-Creating improvement standards that are based on the practices for machine use toward existed and production novelty.

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