Director Finance And Corporate Planning At National Land Commission


Director Finance And Corporate Planning At National Land Commission 1 Position
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Nairobi, Kenya

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Job Description

The National Land Commission of Kenya is an independent government commission whose establishment was provided for by the Constitution of Kenya to, amongst other things, manage public land on behalf of the national and county governments, initiate investigations into present or historical land injustices and recommend appropriate redress, and monitor and have oversight responsibilities over land use planning throughout the country. It was officially established under The National Land Commission Act, 2012

Job Summary

  1. Master’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Business Management/Administration, Finance, Commerce or Economics from a recognized institution;
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Accounting or Finance option), Finance, Business Administration/Management (Accounting or Finance) or Economics from a recognized institution;
  3. Certified Public Accountant of Kenya and registered with the Institute of Certified
  4. Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) or member of any other relevant Professional body recognized in Kenya.
  5. Conversant with the provisions the Public Financial Management Act and other relevant Acts;
  6. Should have attended a Management Course lasting not less than four (4) weeks.
  7. Should be Computer literate.


  1. Provides leadership in the implementation of constitutional requirements on public finance, other related statutory provisions, professional requirements and standards.
  2. Leads in mobilization of funds for operations and development for National Land Commission (NLC) from Government of Kenya (GoK) and other sources in collaboration with heads of functions, the secretary/ Chief Executive Officer and Commissioners.
  3. Guides in efficiency utilization of available assets and funds and effectively account and report on the utilization of funds within the laid down commission and statutory deadlines.
  4. Oversees preparation of management and statutory reports to aid in decision making.
  5. Leads in the development and implementation of adequate and compliant financial systems in the Commission
  6. Oversees the development and implementation of financial management policies, standards, systems, strategies and procedures in the commission
  7. Manages the preparation and administration of the commission’s budget programmes and timely effective implementation of the same
  8. Develops and Supervises implementation of finance strategy in alignment to commission’s strategic plan
  9. Leads in preparation of annual and supplementary Budget
  10. Oversees Implementation of approved annual budget
  11. Review of manuals, guidelines and procedures
  12. Manages Commission compensation fund as per the requirements of the Land Act 2012 in liaison with the Directorate of Valuation and Taxation and acquiring government bodies.
  13. Manages staff performance in the directorate.
  14. Oversees professional training and career development of the directorate staff
  15. Oversees the development of financial plans/ forecasts, estimates, budget preparation and accounting activities for improvement and enforcement of internal controls in the commission
  16. Provides leadership in development of measures to guide in the integrity of accounting procedures and records
  17. Monitors compliance with financial and fiduciary obligations of the commission with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and other financial management requirements, principles and standards
  18. Oversees compliance with the relevant applicable laws and regulations pertaining to financial management in the Commission in line with the constitution of Kenya 2010, Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) of 2012, Income Tax Act (CAP470) Value Added Act (CAP 476), and National Land Commission Act of 2012.
  19. Oversees and administers the accounting function and revenue collection function in Headquarters and all the 47 counties in liaison with the relevant Directorates such as Land Administration, Valuation and Taxation, Survey, Adjudication and Settlement
  20. Review and process compensation payments to the project affected persons (PAPs) on timely basis
  21. Secretary to the Commission Committee responsible for Finance and Planning
  22. Prepare quarterly, biannual and annual financial statements for the Commission
  23. Promotes effective cash flow management and settlement of all obligations of the commission within reasonable time frames
  24. Coordinates all statutory audit exercises by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) and the internal audit exercises
  25. Provides advisories on public financial management and other financial requirements in the Commission.
  26. Leads the development, review and implementation of policies, strategies, standards, guidelines, procedures and programmes on planning, monitoring and evaluation in the Commission.
  27. Leads in undertaking monitoring and evaluation of projects and activities at the Commission and reporting findings to Commission
  28. Leads the development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation standards and procedures, to provide a guidance framework to assist in the implementation of the operations of the commission
  29. Coordinates development, implementation and review of the Commission’s strategic plans, work plans, service charters and master plans
  30. Coordinates preparation of the Commission’s Public Expenditure Review (PER) and Mid-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budget in consultation with Finance
  31. Leads in undertaking programme performance review across the Commission; coordinate development and implementation of necessary performance review strategies and activities i.e. Quarterly & Annual performance reviews and Strategic Plan mid-term and end term reviews.
  32. Leads in the preparation of Corporate planning Department’s work plans, procurement plans and budgets and ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the commission’s financial resources
  33. Responsible for the performance management, training and development of staff in the department, to ensure achievement of the department’s mandate, and consequently the achievement of the Commission’s mandate
  34. Facilitates institutional reviews, learning and adaptive management of programs based on lessons learnt.
  35. Coordinates internal and external reporting requirements to various agencies.
  36. Coordinates data quality assessment to ensure that data being reported is of good quality

Closing Date : 26th May, 2021

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