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We provide AI-powered recruiting tools for candidate sourcing, candidate screening and predictive analysis for employee retention


What sets us apart from competition

  • Write better job posts using our platform that suggests the right words and phrases, highlight paragraphs that are too boring, too generic, or do not suit your ideal employee profile.
  • Our AI-powered recruiting assistants capture your leads, asks them questions in a messenger of their choice, answers their questions about the position and the company, and even schedule interviews.
  • Assess a candidate’s level of skills, aptitude, team-compatibility and IQ using our gamified assessments can be compiled into reports automatically
  • Predictive analysis for employee retention by collecting vast amounts of data of employees who have quit in the past and processing it throughby an AI-powered system to determine patterns.

Employer Services

Job Listing

We're established in Africa, with partners and subscribed job seekers guaranteeing you an audience of 100k+ job seekers.

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Premium Recruitment

Let us undertake the hiring process for you - we advertise your job, screen candidates, conduct background checks, and a 90 day free replacement should candidate leave.


HR Manual

HR manuals is an employee handbook that form the backbone of an organization. It provides a framework of principles, policies, procedures, guidelines, tools, for the organization.

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