Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests help to identify a candidate’s skills, knowledge and personality. They’re often used during the preliminary screening stage of candidates in recruitment or even while carrying out staff capacity assessment. Psychometric testing can measure a number of attributes including intelligence, critical reasoning, motivation and personality profile which will guide the organization in assigning roles.

They’re objective, convenient and strong indicators of job performance; making them very popular with recruiters. We have sharpened our knowledge in psychometrics and taken a cutting-edge approach to assessments.

We work hand-in-hand with workplace psychologists and other HR consultants to offer assessments that are increasingly varied, innovative and adapted to today’s needs.

Our range of tests

1. Personality And Competency

These assessments help companies identify dominant personality traits in the work environment. They also allow you to identify candidates’ innate aptitudes with reference to a comprehensive selection of jobs and potential careers.

The tests include:

  • Professional Profile
  • Big Five Profile
  • CTPI-R
  • Sales Profile-R
  • Management Style Inventory
  • Occupational Interest Inventory

2. Skills And Aptitude

Apart from personality tests, we offer targeted assessments to measure reasoning, emotional intelligence, and linguistic abilities. These aptitude tests allow you to predict how prospective employees will perform in a particular job role and to simplify the implementation of internal evaluations or trainings.

The tests include:

  • Reasoning Test
  • Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Business English Test

All our tests are created as per the guidelines of International Test Commission (ITC), American Psychometric Association(APA) and British Psychological Association (BPS), and are also validated as per the values set by these organizations.

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