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Futuregames offers different training programs on different levels, for professionals as well for wanna be game developers. Futuregames work closely together with he Swedish Games Industry both on a national and regional levels. The companies are part of the Boards of the different educations which gives accurate and updated content and programs. Read more about the Swedish Games Industry.

Higher Vocational Educations

The Higher Vocational Educations include Game Programmer, Game Designer, Game & UX Designer, Game Tester, Project Manager, 2D Artist and 3D Artist. Since 2008 we have educated more than 2000 individuals for the Swedish and International gaming industry (from Indie to AAA).

The running educations are between 60 – 110 weeks long, spreading out over a period of 1,5-3 year. The programs are full-time, both online and on location in Boden, Karlstad, Skellefteå and Stockholm, Sweden.

What is Yrkeshögskolan – Higher Vocational Educations

Higher Vocational Education programs have come about as a response to a real labor market need and their operations are in concert with employers and the industry. Students will be prepared for a direct entry into the employment market.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education decide which programs are to be provided and allocated public funding to. YH also carries out follow-ups, evaluations and inspections. Completion of a minimum two-year program at Futuregames will results in an YH Advanced Diploma in Higher Vocational Education.

A key part of the YH system is that it requires more than 80% of the graduated students to find a job within the industry within six months of completing the education. This rigid requirement acts as guarantee that we are completely focused on getting our students into the industry.

Folk High School Educations

We also provide folk high school educations including Indie Game Developer in Boden and in Karlstad. Sweden.


Futuregames also offers a preparatory course with a focus on helping you prepare for applying to our higher vocational educations.

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