You should Definitely Get Your CV Professionally Edited!

Sheila Waswa | 11th December 2020

Career Development
You should Definitely Get Your CV Professionally Edited!

You should Definitely Get Your CV Professionally Edited!

Sheila Waswa | 11th December 2020

Career Development

Qualified but Unemployed? Check your CV!

That seems like quite a simplistic way of thinking, doesn’t it?

However, with your CV only being given an average of 6 seconds to impress a potential employer, it would go without saying that the first impression all job seekers have is in their CVs.

The question now goes: how much have you invested in your CV?

A research by Glassdoor indicates that a job advert from a corporate attracts an average of 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.

Additionally, a research by the Ministry of Education, Kenya, indicated that the number of students graduating from degree programmes every year has increased from 23,523 in 2012, to 49,020 in 2015.

How do you stand out in your applications with this many jobseekers competing for the same opportunities?

This goes without saying but let me spell it out for you: Landing a job is 70% presentation and 30% actual skills and abilities. In fact, the candidate who gets the job is not always the most qualified; rather, the candidate with the best presentation will get hired.

Isn’t writing the CV the easy part? Absolutely no.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about professional CV writing. Claire is a communication manager in one of the banks in the country. She was applying for a new job in a multinational company and having worked for 12 years in the bank, her CV was not up to date. Claire doesn’t see the need of seeking professional CV editors or writers because that is something she can do herself; borrow a colleague’s CV and edit. It doesn’t require any special skills, she claims.

Well, isn’t writing art? Can everyone write? Let’s take graphic design for instance: anybody can go to Canva and edit a template of a poster but what are the chances that the result will be the same as those of a professional graphic designer?

My point!

It is absolutely paramount that jobseekers invest in their CV. Having a professional CV editor to take a look at it is the first step. That is the moment that you realize you have sited your job description in the Achievement section. Or you are actually a senior level employee but you have downplayed yourself in your CV to the midlevel.

 Give your CV a chance to speak for you.

For starters,

Go online and take up the free CV Review tests. The tests are very important as they help to rate your CV, by giving you a score and recommendations on how to make your CV better. Try your CV review for free here

A CV editor then comes in to help you know the right language and words to use as well as strategically write your skills in a way that can lure the employer to see their future employee in your CV.

Here is a fan-fact; Professionally edited CVs give you an 87% chance of landing a face to face interview and your dream job.

Isn’t that worth investing in?


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