Who Do Your Employees Say That You Are? A Question Many Of Us Lie About

Tom Kamaliki | 13th July 2020

Career Development
Who Do Your Employees Say That You Are? A Question Many Of Us Lie About

Who Do Your Employees Say That You Are? A Question Many Of Us Lie About

Tom Kamaliki | 13th July 2020

Career Development

Yesterday, 11th July 2020 as I was about to buy some mineral water in one of the supermarkets in Nairobi with the mask covering almost my entire face like a ninja, I heard a joyful voice from a distant shouting, “how are you, Mr. Kamaliki? I stared at the person because I could not recall him even after he tried to unmask himself halfway. 


“This is Muterian and I’m still a driver at Athi Water Services Board”.

I exclaimed, “Oooooooh my God! How did you recognize me in this face mask and we’ve never met since my last day at Athi Water Services Board on 31st March 2008?” 


“Kamaliki, you are someone that no employee can forget and every new employee who joins Athi Water Services Board are aware of an HR called Kamaliki and yet they have never seen you” Muterian replied.

“Why?” I curiously asked him.     


“Because of the positive mark, you left in everyone’s heart,” Muterian replied.

I stood there speechless with emotions of employees’ love registered all over my face as I tried controlling tears of reality. People around in the supermarket stared at us showing signs we are definitely close friends who haven’t met in a long time.  


Immediately after our warm encounter with Muterian, Luke 9:18 came to my mind where Jesus once asked his disciples a very hard question, “Who do people say that I am”.  I know some of you reading this might not be members of this faith, but this should not be the issue. What I am trying to drive at is that, when your colleagues whether current or former do an evaluation of you, how does it come out? It is the same concern that burnt Jesus and he really wanted to know from his disciples through this impact-assessment-question of what people thought about him. This reminds me of Arthur Carmazi when he once said, Every action we take impacts the lives of others around us.” 


In the late 1990s, some employees of a certain ministry in Kenya could not hide their joy one Friday afternoon when they joined in a celebration at the basement of the ministry headquarters when it had been announced in the one o’clock news as it used to be the custom, that their heavy-handed PS had been transferred. Do we really have to cultivate such a departure? However, the celebration of these staff was short-lived because this PS was very powerful. He worked out his ways and was retained. Guess what happened to those who held celebrations in the basement, some who included heads of department. Many found themselves transferred especially to hostile areas as punishment.


My fellow friends, there are simple tips to impact people’s lives at the workplace:


-Smile more: A genuine smile is contagious. A smile is a universal language that can literally change someone's day.


-Help Others: Helping others gives us a sense of connectedness, happiness, fulfillment, and meaning. 

-Send a Thank You Note: This is one of the favorite ways to demonstrate sincere gratitude for those people who touch our hearts.


-Create more love: Daily mediationmindfulness, and practicing gratitude increases our ability to create more love in this world. The book of 1Peter 4:8 says “Love covers a multitude of sins.”


-Nurture workplace relationships: Strive to nurture your business relationships. Success in one’s career comes down to one's ability to build and maintain extraordinary relationships. 


-Surprise your employees: At times we get caught up in our daily lives of routine and mundane tasks to an extent of forgetting to take time to demonstrate how much we truly care.

The Writer is an HR Generalist at Director Level with Consulting skills having over 10 years in Senior Management.

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