Student Perspective: My Internship Experience at Emploi

Maureen Njeri | 12th February 2021

Career Development
Student Perspective: My Internship Experience at Emploi

Student Perspective: My Internship Experience at Emploi

Maureen Njeri | 12th February 2021

Career Development

Looking for an internship was my first big learning experience in the job market. I had done a lot of informal and freelance jobs but for me this would be my first formal job so it just had to be perfect! I always thought looking for an attachment would be so easy, I mean it was just an attachment but with the pandemic coming up, most companies had some lay offs and cancelled their graduate training programs so it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. I’m happy that after all the “I’m sorry we stopped hiring students after Corona started and we are not sure when the Programme will resume” I was given a chance to work as an intern at Emploi,  a technology platform for talent acquisition, assessment and management. I think the best word I can use for my experience so far is exciting. The skills that I have learnt in just a month are immeasurable. Honestly I could not have asked for a better first internship than this.

Here is what I have learnt about the job market and some of my experiences so far.

Come when you are ready to learn.
This is the first statement I was told after being welcomed at Emploi and it’s what was instilled in me from the word go. Every day for me at Emploi is an opportunity to learn something new and I love the experience. I also feel very lucky because a lot of colleagues don’t get to be involved in work activities as much as I do.

Class only gives you theory
Class work was basically theoretical. Every job is dynamic and each corporate has their culture and work structure. For instance, photoshop in school projects was easy but designing for corporates is a bit different and you have to meet the company’s standards so I had to adjust to the rules and learn how to design for corporates. Besides, let’s face it, school teaches you a lot on theories and not so much on the practical work so first jobs should offer the most on-job training.

The transition.
The transition from being a student to a professional was not that easy for me. I had to learn how to conduct myself as a professional. From how I dressed to how I communicate professionally to clients, multitasking and ensuring that I complete all the tasks before deadlines. I have adjusted to most of the standards so far and I’m quite proud of myself.

There is always room for mistakes
An Internship is a learning process and for you to learn you have to start from somewhere. When I came to Emploi I was scared to do a lot of things because I thought I would make a mistake. Eventually I came to accept that sometimes you might make a mistake, you correct it and learn from them. I can still count the number of times my work got recalled and I had to redo, and how each of those instances made me better.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
I have always been a shy and quiet person so this was a bit difficult for me in the first few days.  However, my supervisors were always ready to help. Since most of the things were new to me, I had to get over my shyness and start asking questions so that I do the exact thing that is required.

Keep an open mind and a positive attitude.
If there's one major lesson I've learnt from my experience as an intern is keeping an open mind and always having a positive attitude towards everything. I haven't received any negative vibes since I came so generally developing a positive attitude was easy.

Being in the recruitment space…
For me, it’s even more interesting because I’m in the recruitment space. Every day I get to hear and learn the basic things in the job market. I get to see what a really good CV and a bad CV looks like, I get to learn about jobs and how to look for what aligns with your qualifications. I get to hear about recruitment and how the process goes. I even get to learn what common mistakes people make in their job search. Needless to say, I am more of a mini-recruiting expert now.

Finding my strengths
Being in an internship, there is a lot of tasks one is exposed to. This made me realize that I can't be good at everything. So, I’m getting to know my strengths and my weaknesses and getting to work on the weaknesses so that I can get better at them.

Generally, I can say that my experience as an intern has been really good so far. Doing something that I love everyday makes it an even easier experience which is such a big flex. I should be able to give an update in 3 months, share new insight and progress. Until then, whatever you do, please rock.


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