Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Sheila Waswa | 8th January 2021

Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Sheila Waswa | 8th January 2021


A job interview is the most important and crucial introduction of yourself to a potential employer. It is a platform for you to prove to your potential employer that you are deserving of that opportunity through a demonstration of your skill-set, personality or attitude and enthusiasm.

It is also a chance for you to learn more about your potential employer, while thinking critically about the way you are treated and the values and priorities of the organization, their culture and if that fits your preference.

What then should you do and not do in an interview?


Do come in time for the interview. Infact, come 10-15 minutes earlier. Coming early will give you enough time to observe the working environment which gives you more information about the institution. Coming earlier will also allow you to relax and compose yourself before you are ushered into the interview room.

Don’t come late. Coming in late is a first bad impression. If you are running late, call and inform the organization that you will be running late while giving a time frame within which you will arrive.



Do dress up in formal and decent wear to be safe and especially if you are not sure of the company’s policy and culture. It is also advisable that you wear dark colors. Keep jewelry to the minimum while dressing up for an interview.

Don’t wear strong perfumes, heavy makeups or jewelry that jiggles when you move. Don’t wear hairstyles that cover your face and or brightly coloured hairs. For ladies, don’t wear extra-long eye lashes or nails.


Basic Etiquettes in the Interview Room

Sitting Posture

Do sit upright.

Don’t fold hands or cross your legs. Don’t fidget and or play with pens, fingers, clothing or hair.



Do keep your phone in silence and out pf sight of the interviewer.

Don’t chew while in the interview room.

Don’t use your phone unless you are using it to demonstrate an element that the interviewer wants to know.


Answering Questions

Questions on former Employer

Do answer questions honestly on your former employers. Always find something positive to say about your former employer.

Don’t trash-talk your former employers in the interview, even if the company is a competitor.


Questions to the Interviewer

Do ask questions that will help you understand the company and your job better. For instance, you can ask their expectations incase you get the job.

Don’t ask questions about vacations, benefits unless it’s time to negotiate the job offer.


Questions on the Employer

 Do a research on the employer before you go to the interview. Always master the skill sets that you have that resonate with what the employer is looking for.

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