Importance of adopting recruitment agency in HR operations

Kevin Adera | 28th September 2020

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Importance of adopting recruitment agency in HR operations

Importance of adopting recruitment agency in HR operations

Kevin Adera | 28th September 2020

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What is a recruitment or employment agency? What do they do? Can they be trusted? How are they important? These are some of the several questions that employers have been asking. Some employers have even lost trust in recruitment firms since they were left in the lurch by some agencies. But the most vital thing we should know is that the emergence of recruitment agencies is the best thing that ever happened in the employment sector.

Recruitment or employment agency

A staffing agency is an outside organization that advertises job vacancies, finds a suitable workforce for other companies, and participates in managing other firms' staff. They have the most powerful recruitment tools that reduce the recruitment workload and provide the companies with the best candidate.

Roles and functions

A recruitment agency is an intermediary between the firm seeking to hire and the person seeking the employment opportunity. They gather all the applicants for the vacancy and find the best jobseeker for the position. They also advertise the vacant position on behalf of the company looking to hire.

Employment agency and trust

These agencies are also businesses, and of course, no company will tint their profile since they want to remain in operation. Unlike the recent past, currently finding a trustworthy agency is very easy since they all have a website and social media handles. So, all you have to do is check the testimonials and the ratings.

Importance of a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency is fundamental in human resource operations since they ease the job advertisement and placement process. Below are some of the many benefits that are granted by using a recruitment agency.

  1. Access to a wide range of talent

They provide a database containing candidates recently looking for employment and the most experienced people already in the market. They ease the whole recruitment process since they avail a "talent pool" rife with professionals fit for any position. The recruitment agency's database contains several CVs for a variety of job descriptions for the employers. They contain several connections that will help the employer get the desired person for the task within no time.

  1. Time-saving

The recruitment company will handle everything in the recruitment process from job advertising to hiring the workforce required. They will fasten the recruitment process since they have a vast network to source the person necessary for the position. They engage their recruitment tools to go through thousands of CVs to find the one that fits the job description. After that, they organize an interview with a few selected jobseekers and select the best one for the position. They can also handle multiple recruitments within no time using their top-notch tools.

  1. Access to highly qualified candidates

Registering with a recruitment firm gives you access to highly skilled personnel who will be experts in your company's operations. Many job seekers register with the agencies; therefore, accessing their profiles is very easy, and the employer will select the desired person for the job. The recruitment agencies also understand the job market and therefore, involving them enables the acquisition of talent informed by expert knowledge and analysis.

  1. Cost-saving

The recruitment process involves a lot of costs that will be incurred from job advertisement to the final step, which is hiring. The recruitment agency saves advertising costs since they will do this on the employers' behalf on their pages. The in-house staff will also go on with their work since the agency will do the recruitment process on their behalf. The recruitment resources that could have been used by the company will also be saved.

  1. Job advertisement

The agency may provide several offers for job advertisement. The adverts will reach a vast audience depending on the agency’s database. They use customized pages, including the social media handles, to do the ad for the position.

  1. Additional services

The agency may also do several additional services during the recruitment process to help the employers get the best candidate. These services may include background checks, psychometric tests, proficiency & IQ tests.

Finally . . .

Hiring a recruitment agency has proven to be very beneficial. Therefore, companies should be highly encouraged to adopt them in the process of getting the best workforce. Using them will also help in strengthening the branding for the companies.

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