How to make money through the passion for blogging.

Colin Natwijuka | 24th June 2020

How to make money through the passion for blogging.

How to make money through the passion for blogging.

Colin Natwijuka | 24th June 2020


Welcome to the first day of our blogging journey.

As the saying goes “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”, now this is your lifetime journey of making money through blog.

Therefore, let’s get started as you would love to make money through an activity loved most doing without stress or force.


What is very important in blogging journey, is to get to know what exactly you want, and how you can make money out of it. Thousands and thousands of people use bloggers for different purposes, others for fun, others to get in touch with friends, and to show their lifestyle adventure. Whether you are a student, a mother at home, a consultant, a teacher, fashion specialist, photographer and even traveling for adventure, this is your opportunity to get exposed and how you can make lots of money from your smartphone, your desktop or any other gadget you can use to do blogging in your spare time. Some successful bloggers have made this their full-time jobs and quit 9-5 full-time job where you have to wait for the end of month salary.

Like any other long term venture/business, with blogging, you need to set a specific goal in order to be successful. Your mind must be set to this specific goal to start earning an extra income from your site.
As we move on the journey of blogging, you will find that there are lots of bloggers that are making a living out of this passionate job.


Why do you need to join the family of bloggers?

• You don’t need a lot of degrees and experiences to be a successful blogger
• You will not be required to wake up at 6 am to prepare for a daily job
• You don’t need to hire an office for your business or a storehouse for your products, the products you sell online are from one point to another point for you, just need to have a proper connection between your sellers and your buyers.

• You do not have a specific salary scale in order to be paid at the end of the month, the more you do blogging, the more the experience and the higher the incomes.
• You won’t face challenges of bosses firing you, in any case, if you are working now, after settling with blogging you are the one to fire your boss because you will need to concentrate on this passionate money-generating job.

• You can blog from the café, from gardens, on the plane, or even from the beach, that is wherever you are connected to the internet, you can do your blogging.

• All the people above the age of 16 years can do blogging that’s why you need to start it today because I know if you are reading this lesson you can do blogging and make money out of it.

• You don’t need to leave your country of birth because you won't start a blog, no, you can blog from anywhere in the world and you can also do it in any language you feel comfortable with.

• Another advantage with this activity you stay close to your family and this allows you to plan better and have that comfortable lifestyle with your family members.

• Those who are full time employed, you do not need to leave your current job to do blogging, for the start blogging will not earn you anything, therefore as the saying goes, “don’t leave the current job to apply for the advertised job”, you have to first move on this journey of blogging and once you are set and feel you can earn the best from blogging you have a choice.


Contrary to the above, there are some challenges and some few limitations that can make you hesitate from joining a family of bloggers

• If your goal is to cheat/ or scam people online, this might not be the best adventure for you.
• If you want to promote illegal activities on a blog, you may be restricted or your license counseled because of breach of terms and conditions of blogging which you signed the acceptance privacy policy.
• If you are planning to use blogging to abusive acts, you won’t be allowed to continue with blogging, your account may be closed.
• You should not involve children without proof of authorized consent from authorities.
• Illegal trading is also not acceptable.
• You are not allowed to advertise medicine and other related products on your blog without full authority from the governing bodies in the country or the state you reside in.

From the above background if you are still reading this; Congratulations! This tells me that we are walking together up the end of the journey of 7 days’ lessons of “how you can make money through passionate blogging”.

Already, mentioned above blogging is a passionate activity and it is legally acceptable by all countries in the world provided you follow the rules,


Now let’s go to your question, “How do bloggers make money????” …

Before we answer that questions I will take you through a series of step by step; You have to choose what we call “Niche” in the marketing language, is a specific area of marketing, so in blogging, you have to choose a specific topic, that you passionate about, where you won’t lose interest in the long run in order to benefit from it.


I would like to give you a hint on the blogging niche, on what you can blog about

Fashion and design

This is one of the most selling and attractive niches you can choose if you are passionate about it, as you can earn from the buy and sell of the products or you can market and sell them online as the world is full of people who would like to be stylish all the time.

Travel and tourism

Bloggers who have passionate about traveling make a full-time income and passionately enjoy it. The more you travel, the more shares, and more readers to advertise on your site to get extra cash. Wawoo! What a wonderful niche will this one be for you”. Do what you love to do most.
Smart Phones, Laptops, desktops, headphones, iPods, and other related products on technology. As you are reading this lesson you must be using one of the gadgets I have mentioned above and as a blogger, this is what you should think twice about, as it has a lot of opportunities, to market and has a big market in the world of technology as every adult who is reading this would love to have one of the products above.

Finance, Money, Investment, and Savings

Concerning this niche, you won’t go wrong if you have enough time to research and dig out a lot of information. This is my niche, at I am passionate about it and have been doing research on how someone can earn money from a variety of authors. It takes a lot of reading to get to know what to write on this topic as there are lots of certified Financial professionals that have written about Finance, Money Investments, and Savings.

Food and nutrition

Bloggers who have good knowledge and passion about this are making millions of dollars. You won’t be restricted provided you are doing it following all the terms and conditions of consumer laws. In this regard, you might not be allowed to sell food directly, however, you may be an affiliate of companies that sell, as we shall see the food companies you can be affiliated too to make a lot of dollars for you.

Music, dancing

There are successful bloggers that have combined, Music, dancing and singing, as they have made it their niche and reaping a lot from this. For this niche, you have to have a lot of interest that may necessitate you to have some talent in one of the above, as you may sell your songs, or sell other people’s songs, movies, and other products. This niche has a lot of opportunities and can be promoted very fast as very many people in the world would love to get the message from either a song or a movie. You cannot go wrong if your passion is in this category.

Fitness, Sports, and games

This niche is the best fit for your health and entertainment as it improves the fitness of the body. You can blog about this by training people with fitness classes and also you can write about the current sports and all that your experience is about. I have combined the three for your own benefit, however, you can decide to pick one, if you the content to deliver to your readers.


This is all about love and cares for pets from; brushing, feeding, playing, treating some infections, and the rest that you may want to blog about. Pets have become part of the family in most homes. From many bloggers I have come across, this niche has a lot of viewers as much rich class have pets in their homes. There will be a lot of interactions with a variety of people in the whole world. There are lots of people who would like to spend on their pets at whatever cost it takes, therefore think about this niche, it might be your opportunity waiting on this journey we are taking.

Farming and Gardening

This is another niche that you would love to go for, as it has a lot about to blog. All nations in different countries have a variety of plants they can write about from setting up a garden and even compound plants and flowers. It’s a rich content where you will never lack what to write about.

Tutoring onLine

You can set your blog in the form of teaching lessons online, this is both a professional and a passionate niche, as said previously you earn money from what you love most.

Food supplements

This niche has both products and services you can write about online and make blogging enjoyable.


You don’t need a highly sophisticated camera, here you can use your smartphone to take very good clear photos that can be sold and viewed online. It also does not need you to be a professional Photographer.


In the meantime, As Emploi, we are inviting Guest Bloggers to build and advance their knowledge on blogging as we are offering them a platform  to share and brand themselves for FREE. All you need is to sign up and contact us at +(254)-702-068-282 to have your blogging account created.


The writer is a Financial Accountant/Administrator with extensive experience in financial control.



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