How a village poor accountant landed on $100 for the first time

Colin Natwijuka | 3rd June 2020

How a village poor accountant landed on $100 for the first time

How a village poor accountant landed on $100 for the first time

Colin Natwijuka | 3rd June 2020


This was immediately after the wedding, as I was still honeymooning an email popped in, a newly wedded bride wasn’t willing to change to another view of the laptop we were using to check our past wedding memories.

After watching all the clips, I handed her a hard covered album and she was just excited. I switched to the email that had popped in, to find out that it was an invitation from an international Non Profit Making Organization to participate in a public forum with a competition to earn an iPad, $100 and $50 respectively, the basic terms of winning the prize was to be a full time participant in the discussion concerning Savings, Enterprises and Investment.

The participants were to submit a full text related to the above or to take photos with related captions. I didn’t have a camera, nor a smart phone, that was too early for a village smart accountant from the remote areas of Uganda.

 I knew the iPad was mine at the start of the competition, first day, second day and one week I was still in the lead, as the awards were for only 3 top participants, at least the opportunity was available for me. For the start of the following week, I dropped to the third, fourth and to fifth position, then started feeling, something in my chest.

This time the honeymooning had ended and the bride and the groom were to depart for the official duties against their will, things changed, I would program four hours of morning when the brain is still fresh for office work and later start working on my iPad target, I made sure the internet modem was well serviced to facilitate the exercise 24/7, for the three days of another week I was on top of the list, the year was 2010 and internet users were very few as I competed with not more than 2000 participants.

It put me on tension since it involved dollars and iPads’ race, I would be the first person to own an iPad in the whole district. This was an exciting challenge; some days I wouldn’t close my eyes for a slight nap. The time of the day in Uganda would be night contrary to that of USA, that’s why I would use the opportunity to post as many posts as possible to cover up those that would be in slumber on the other side of the world. In the third week, I remained on top of the list of all participants in the world.

I knew the iPad is for a village accountant, somehow I was skeptical, “really will this precious gadget belong to me”? However, I don’t give up easily, wherever, my newly wedded bride could visit me, would ask about the time I spend on the laptop by not attending her sometimes if I may confess, I just don’t give up easily until something tangible is accomplished, the fourth and the last week of announcing results came in, remember the village accountant is still on the top of the list, “iPad is mine, something could tell, in my mind” I started imagining how I could be moving in the village proudly carrying an item that had not landed in the hands of a village chief, some would have thought maybe it’s  a gift from wedding guests.

Excited to hear the life changing news, the closing date was 30th November at exactly midnight according to East African time, however, that was a different story in USA, as it was day time, I did all I could before midnight to submit all the text related to the subject. Some smart guy used a very good camera with all the photography antics and pushed me to the second position five minutes to the closing minute. This landed me in a second position on the list of three award winning to participants, I kept on checking until the last second. Yes at least $100 is going to land in the accountant’s hands with a big smile.

The following day, a congratulation email popped in and obviously couldn’t stop smiling the following day and even some staff were inquisitive to know why this reserved accountant is happy today. The correspondence agent requested for my details and had to submit with a lot of willingness. Time came to wire $100 to my account, and this became another story of staying in the remote village of a third world country where international money transfer was a new thing in the ears of some of us ten years ago.

 However, after a long struggle of struggling to send dollars to my account from one bank to another, at last this day came when I was called and received my envelope. Excitedly I called my newly wedded lovebird to tell all what was happening. I cleared some bills I had incurred from the wedding preparations and gave some to my new bride. That was a true story of a village accountant.

The writer is a Financial Accountant/Administrator with extensive experience in financial control.

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