Do Not Feel As If All Is Over. Hang On To Your Big Dream

Tom Kamaliki | 24th August 2020

Career Development
Do Not Feel As If All Is Over. Hang On To Your Big Dream

Do Not Feel As If All Is Over. Hang On To Your Big Dream

Tom Kamaliki | 24th August 2020

Career Development

’The pain of traumatic events can lead some people to isolate themselves. It is important though to accept help and support from those who care about you”- Building Resilience; American Psychological Association.


On the week ending 22 August 2020, I happened to attend an on-line LinkedIn course on Building Resilience by Sheryl and Adam, which was very encouraging as Sheryl openly shared her experience when she lost her husband. She felt as if the whole world was on holiday on her shoulders. Every one of us has had a dark moment. It could be the loss of a loved one like Sheryl, loss of a job, failed relationship through either divorce or separation, etc. These situations have in one way or the other pulled us down into painful thoughts, stress, depressions, etc. These painful thoughts have ended up throwing us into a septic tank where we feel we are suffocating. However, the issue is, stop believing everything you come to think of during such times. Stop judging yourself for how you feel. JS Wayne gives us hints on how to overcome during such hard times:

  • Expand your support network.
  • Sharpen your own coping skills.
  • Change your approach, your goals, your behavior, or all three.


I also wish to add mine:

  • Try something new
  • Identify friends that you can confide in whom you know will always support you
  • Do not give up pursuing your big dream. There are many opportunities around us. The story of Col Sanders of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has always appealed to my heart. Sitting under a tree contemplating suicide after retiring from the American army at 65, Col Sanders was too broke because the meagre pension could not sustain him and his family. As he was contemplating suicide, an internal voice asked him to write down the things he had not done in life. The list was endless. It is at this moment that Col Sanders came up with the idea of doing chicken that no one has ever done. Even though the idea was born, the journey was very unbearable for Sanders. He did 1009 tenders all failing before he finally succeeded. He was just about to give up. At 88 years, Col Sanders became one of the world billionaires and his dream-chicken is selling in more than 140 countries around the world.


Do not let your current frustrations kill your big future dream. 


The Author is an HR Generalist at Director Level with Consulting skills having over 10 years in Senior Management.

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