Cash Versus Card

Colin Natwijuka | 20th May 2020

Cash Versus Card

Cash Versus Card

Colin Natwijuka | 20th May 2020


There are lots of thoughts in your mind about whether you should use a card or cash for daily transactions.

Technology keeps changing with the economic behavior of human beings. However, there are factors that won’t change according to human nature. If you present a credit card with $100 balance and a note of physical $ 100, there are high chances many of you picking up a credit card, since it involves other authentications. Who owns it?. Does it have a proper credit balance as promised?. How do I get a Pin?. And the rest of the queries…


Cash is visible, period. No questions and other Terms of use…


Research has proved that people spend at least twice as much with credit cards than with cash. Modern society encourages the usage of cards. However, there are situations where cash can’t be eliminated completely.

At times you go to a local market and you need to purchase something less than the minimum amount of a credit card should have. However, you fail to get what you want because you do not have cash. I am advising if you are planning to travel in any part of the world, you have to have your credit card and cash at hand, as you might be disappointed with your card.


A friend traveled from Germany to one of the most attractive-tourist destinations in Africa. His credit card had enough balance to take him through more than 90 days. He used all the cash on him. And later fell sick with some fever, fortunately, he got well.


A few days later he was supposed to travel from one district to another for his tourism passion. This time he couldn’t make it. Instead, he asked for a loan so as to process his card and the ATM card he had left in Germany could not be sent to where he was. The only advice I gave him was to get some cash from some of us to the airport to go back to his country. He had a return ticket and all his other documents were still valid.


You might be among the people who got excited as most rich countries are becoming cashless. The fact is, the largest benefits of cash at hand, is to prevent you from overspending. Have you ever realized that once you have cash in the wallet, you do not want to spend it all? It’s a mindset. However, once you use a credit card, it is as if you are picking items from a superstore for free. It’s much difficult to part with all your cash than swiping your card on the machine.


Banks are using this tool, to help the system to track the inflow and outflow of cash. This is also an easy way of how banking institutions track their transactions since that is done online. To a large extent most clients have embraced the system as it’s convenient.


This advice goes to everyone who would like to live a comfortable life, not to overspend by using both the card and cash. This can be done after the monthly budget has been done and the rest to remain on a credit card and as you have the cash to.

It has worked for me for the last six months and I've found life-balancing easier than before where I used to spend lots of money using a card.


The writer is a Financial Accountant/Administrator with extensive experience in finance management

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