4 Mistakes Avoided By Successful Online Writing Experts.

Benadatte Kaggwa | 4th August 2020

Career Development
4 Mistakes Avoided By Successful Online Writing Experts.

4 Mistakes Avoided By Successful Online Writing Experts.

Benadatte Kaggwa | 4th August 2020

Career Development

Becoming an expert in online writing isn't an overnight venture. You need to master the skill through continuous effort.


Online writing experts have learned through experience to avoid certain mistakes. A beginner needs to be aware of such pitfalls.

True, it can be challenging sometimes. You're consistently required to meet client deadlines. Researching complex topics is mentally exhausting. And most beginners are offered low pay rates.

How can you become a successful expert writer despite such challenges?

Learn to avoid 4 mistakes commonly made by beginners.


1. Plagiarized Content

The first rule in online writing: never plagiarize content. You shouldn't copy information verbatim.

Beginners often make this mistake when writing about difficult topics. To become an expert writer, you'll need to reword sentences.

Read and get the gist of the information. Draw out the main points. It helps if you rewrite statements without looking at the source material.

Aim to understand the general meaning then form your own words. Your content should be original.


2. Low Word Count

Clients usually indicate the word count required. It's imperative you stick to such guidelines. For example, deliver 500 words if specified and nothing less.

Expert writers source for material based on word count. If a project needs 1000 words, they curate content from numerous sources. Apply this strategy when gathering information to write on.

However, avoid the tendency to fixate on words only. Let the information flow naturally and coherently. It's generally acceptable to exceed the word count by 10%.

Online writing is about meaningful content; not just adding fluff to meet the word count.


3. Proofreading Errors

As a beginner, you probably strive to meet client deadlines. Due to this, you can forget to proofread for errors.

However, producing high-quality content is essential in online writing. Ensure your work is always grammatical, without spelling and punctuation mistakes.  

Write in simple language and avoid unnecessary jargon. Pay attention to your sentence structure and use the active voice.

Keep sentences and paragraphs brief. Long-winded ones can tire your readers. Transition your thoughts logically to maintain clarity.


4. Irrelevant or Insufficient Research

Researching for material to write about is paramount. Online readers want enlightening information.

Never overlook this factor when you begin online writing. Research the given topic extensively but stay on point. Note the relevant information only.

Ensure your sources are reliable and trustworthy. Pop culture websites seldom qualify in this aspect.

Seek for content from experts; voices of authority in the particular field.

Compare and compile sufficient research material. Give your readers quality informative content.


Final Thoughts

Online writing can be profitable and enjoyable. But it needs effort.

Always remember the 4 mistakes avoided by expert writers. Never plagiarize content, even for difficult topics. Follow the client's direction on word count.

Proofread your work before submitting it. And lastly, write well-researched content containing useful information.


In due time, you too will become a successful online writer.


The author is a freelance article writer, blogger, and content creator whose passionate about health, nutrition and wellness; business management and personal finance; communication and etiquette; work productivity and self-improvement. 

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