Emploi Administrator | 17th December 2019

Career Development


Emploi Administrator | 17th December 2019

Career Development

One of the most fundamental achievements while job hunting is: landing a job interview. While most interviews are relatively straightforward and easy to navigate, there is one common inclusion that people many times have trouble with: Tell me about yourself. However, this question is where you can truly set yourself apart from the rest. As such, boning up on the guidelines to follow is an excellent plan.

Sometimes preparing for this question is quite time-consuming, but the worst way to answer it to ask: “What do you want to know about myself?’’Such a response not only frustrates the interviewer’s  goal of understanding you better from how you talk about yourself and your accomplishments, it also sounds like you did not take the interview seriously enough to even anticipate the question.

The best way to answer such a question is to develop your answer and practice like a speech. The meat of your answer should be a highlight of the things you have accomplished, if they tie in to the position you are vying for.

Adding the below tips and truisms to your verbal arsenal is usually one of the best ways to see that spark of interest in you light up your recruiter’s eyes:

  • Start Out With Your Bonafides

Given the level of pride you feel, as well as how much effort you invested in getting them, your specific credentials are an easy-to-remember way to start things out. Not only that, everything that follows is sure to sound better, since your official bonafides are the first thing they hear.

  • Stay On Point

The recruiter is not a personal friend, so avoid babbling about personal issues best left to those you are close with. You should be prepared enough that excessive thinking should be unnecessary. It is a good rule of thumb to keep your response to this query at or under about a minute.

  • Explain why you are interested in the job

One of the best ways to help your recruiter understand that you are different from the rest of the horde is to go into detail about why you are passionate about this type of work specifically. Tie personal hobbies and interests into the qualities and requirements of the job in question. Above all, never make it seem like you are only interested in the paycheck.

  • Stay Away from Common Clichés

Phrases like “I am a team player,” or “I have a really strong work ethic,” have been used so much that any effectiveness they once had has long since been destroyed.

  • Detail Your Employment-Related Accomplishments

Certain qualities and achievements are important in virtually any job. These include strong demonstrations of leadership, a solid work ethic, and exceptional personal and professional confidence. Take a trip down memory lane, and come up with a few specific scenarios in which you demonstrated these qualities and accomplishments.

  • Avoid Sharing personal Information

Your answers should clearly outline what you have accomplished in the past, and how you are different from the rest of the multitude of candidates. You would be much better served by working these qualities into the stories you will tell, and the individual examples you will share.

Next time you for an interview this query should no longer hold any fear or anxiety when it comes up.

All the Best!!!

Written By: Jane Mumo

Communication Assistant -Jobsikaz

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